Feel good on the inside & Look good on the outside

Hi i'm Ambar. I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years. But i've been a gym goer for over 14 years!
My original approach to fitness (beating myself up with cardio, fad diets & burpees) left me sluggish, demotivated and got me realising there must be so much more, I knew something needed to change, especially for us women.

I started learning more, educating myself on exercise science, hormonal health, pre and post natal and nutrition with numerous courses and inputting my knowledge hands on with my clients. We are so much more than our aesthetic goals and i am here to empower strength and wellness from the inside out. Which basically means there is a way that you can feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. And this is my passion!  

Fitness is only complicated, because we make it that way. Adding life coaching and nutrition to my portfolio as a coach has been really enjoyable and i am really enjoying applying both these skills towards existing and future clients.

I offer the choice of sessions via zoom or in person at a private PT studio or in the comfort of your own living room! I also offer outdoor sessions between the months of April - October!

Contact me on - Ambarzohra@yahoo.com