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Benefits of Strength Training during pregnancy

Strength training during pregnancy shouldn’t be feared. When done correctly & reducing intensity throughout the trimesters it has so many benefits.

Some of these include increased labor stamina and decreased labor time, reducing lower back and pelvic girdle pain which 1 in 5 women experience at some point during pregnancy. It’s also really important to start prepping the body for the arrival of a new born.

From holding a baby on one side, breastfeeding & to bending to lift a baby from their cot. These movements can be trained for during pregnancy by keeping the muscles strong and the joints mobile not only will the postpartum recovery be shorter but a new mum will also be equipped with an extra layer of muscle

and mind protection when handling the life changing event of having a new baby.

My next post will focus on the do’s and dont of

strength training in pregnancy!

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