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Feel good on the inside & Look good on the outside

Hi i'm Ambar. I've been in the health and fitness industry for 7 years. Working hands on with private clients 6 days a week and delivering classes all around London. 

I take pride in continuing my education yearly with courses and qualifications which i then apply hands on with clients and deliver structured sessions with the goal of helping people feel, move and look better. 
My strategy is to empower strength and wellness from the inside out. We always look at the full picture as nothing works in isolation. It is a rewarding journey and there is a way that you can feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. And this is my passion! Each persons path will be unique and sessions are so much more than just giving you a good workout. 

 I absolutely love educating people on how to move better and feel better and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. 


Level 3 Pre and post natal specialist
Burrel Education L3 on Post Natal Nutrition 
Advanced Women's Wellness Practitioner in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise 

Level 4 Personal Trainer

Level 4 Strength & conditioning coach

Level 4 Nutrition coach
Level 3 Life Coach

BASI Pilates UK
NLP Advanced Practitioner 
National Academy Of Sports Medicine Qualification in Corrective Exercise 
Level 3 Advanced Stretching


I offer the choice of sessions via zoom or in person at a private location or in the comfort of your own living room! I also offer outdoor sessions between the months of April - October!


"Ambar is, quite simply, the BEST. Meeting Ambar and training with her is one of the best things that has happened in my life. She, and her sessions, are pure sunshine. Not only will every session lift your mood unfailingly, but her grasp of technique and programming is quite simply unmatched (speaking as someone who has had 6+ PT’s!). Achieving my fitness goals was not only feasible, but FUN"

Alyx Van Der Vorm

I cannot recommend Ambar enough. I actually enjoy working out now and seeing the improvements both to my physical and mental wellbeing.
I started working with Ambar when I was 3 months pregnant and saw her pretty much weekly until I gave birth (The day after our last session!). Each session was adapted as my pregnancy went on. She regularly sent me new exercise plans that I could use at home and at the gym. I honestly believe that my recovery post birth has been much faster that it would have been as a result of training with Ambar. 

Hannah Lake

I came to Ambar wanting to get in shape for summer after letting myself go for a while. I had a couple injuries i was working around and needed someone who listened and understood. Ambar gave me solid sessions, knowledge and understanding to help me get in better shape but also have less aches and pains through increasing my mobility and having someone actually make me do my physio exercises. Ambar was in contact with my physio through the whole process and they were really impressed with my recovery. I look and feel better and know how to safely push my body. Thanks Ambar

Matthew Carter

I came to Ambar after first pregnancy as i had been to see a pelvic health physio and needed to work on relaxing my hypertonic pelvic floor and heal my 4cm diastasis. I was so unaware how to breathe properly and she taught me how to integrate my core & pelvic floor with my breath. This was game changing as i learnt how to relax as well as contract through my pelvic floor and abdominals and how to safely bring my core muscles together. I am now here 18 months later and onto my second pregnancy and feel so much more confident and connected.


Ingrid Thompson

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