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Personal Training

Personal Training is so much more than looking good and seeing muscle definition. Training for females has for decades been neglected and misunderstood, And we deserve so much more. 
Using a combination of Hormonal tracking, Nutrition support, Strength training & Pilates we can work together to find a plan that supports your goals and lifestyle.
Age we age there needs to be a deeper focus on aspects such as  hormones, bone density, protein & joint health.
Having good balance and feeling strong and mobile can transform how you walk into a room!


I also have experience in working with women with
HA (hypothalamic ammenorhea)
Disordered eating & body image issues 
I am sensitive and understanding, contact me to discuss  



Sessions can be done at your home, in a local facility, online or outside.

Session & Plan prices range vary depending on location and quantity 

Please contact me to set up a call and 
can discuss

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